Your AIIM Southwest Chapter is a group of professionals who have implemented information management solutions and can help you learn about the issues and challenges.

The benefits of our Houston-based AIIM Chapter follow.

  • Meetings that provide technology-centric learning that you can use in your career
  • A knowledge base to call upon in times of need
  • Texas and Louisiana contacts – websites are great for some information, but people-to-people communication is important
  • Direct access to experienced vendors and consultants with local references who understand and supply technology SOLUTIONS

Our mission is to, “Drive awareness among our membership and guide them regarding best practices, standards, technologies and vendors that will assist in finding solutions to information related challenges.”

We invite you to join us via Meetup.com!

You will have the opportunity to broaden your network and knowledge base, build business and personal relationships, and keep abreast of new technologies and products at the local level!